Jai Sri Krishna
Maha Sudarshana Yaaga
Dodda Mallur Temple Mobile Hospital
Reaching health care services to surrounding villages is one of the top priority projects
Dodda Mallur Temple School
Providing Education and sharing knowledge is the greatest gift that one can give back to society. For children from poor families
Dodda Mallur Temple Hospital
FREE Health Care Services including dispensing of basic medicines are utilised by the populace from the surrounding villages
Dodda Mallur Temple Free Meals
The trust provides free meals to piligrims. Accomodation is also arranged for donors
Dodda Mallur Temple Old Age Home
The trust takes care of the elderly with love and affection. All of the in mates feel at home and never feel alienated
Dodda Mallur Temple Temple Renovation
Dr. Varadaraj has good expertise in temple renovations with over fifty temples renovated, near Dodda Mallur & also at other places